Saturday, March 7, 2020

Swords and Fire limerick tribute

Having read the first two books of Melissa Caruso’s Swords and Fire trilogy, I wrote several limericks inspired by characters in the books.

There once was a Crow Lord from Let
Who kept other Witch Lords in debt
He courts a Cornaro
(To Marcello’s sorrow)
His wardrobe is all black as jet

Amalia’s a studious lass
Her coursework she’d flawlessly pass
In politics now
She proves hard to cow
Although her best friend is quite crass

Zaira is not one to fail
Her anger might make you turn tail
Since once she is freed
You’ll find with great speed
She’ll roast you with fire called “bale”

Beware of the one called “Contessa”
You’ll find that it’s hard to impressa
She may seem aloof
Yet people have proof
She’s able to kill with un besa

The falconer known as Marcello
Is said to be quite a fine fellow
He’s cute as a button
His sister’s a shut-in
His love for her’s thicker than jello

A falcon whose name is Istrella
Love solitude both night and day-la
She’ll go overboard
With toys in her hoard
So steer clear if she cooks paella

A summons received from the doge
Might cause you to jump in a coach
And shout to the driver
“I’ll give you a fiver
To scuttle off, quick as a roach!”

I said to the Lady of Eagles
“Demeanor like yours is most regal
You now own Whitecrown
Where lava abounds
Please tell me, have you seen a ‘Sméagol’?”

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