There Once Was a Kingdom

Imagine a kingdom long ago. It may be not so far away - you never know with long ago. The only fact we know for sure about this kingdom is that it existed only for you, a dad, to one day tell your daughter about the adventures that took place there as a recurring bedtime story. She asks questions, guides the story with her giggles and frowns, and helps you fill in the gaps where your imagination lags.

Share and read with us - and pass the tale along if you find it inspiring. Better yet, make it your own and tell it in your own way.

Look back here for links to the installments as they're posted, or you can subscribe to the story feed!

A Long Time Ago
The Adventure Begins
The Dastardly Duke
Into the Cave
The Goblin Keep
The Goblin King's Story
The King's Crown
Food for the Forest
Just Desert
A Forked Path
Magical Menace
To Catch a Monster
In the Wreckage
A Storm in the Pass
Wandering Woods
A Clearing and a Key
Misty Castle

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