Monday, October 29, 2018

Some responses

I reject the thin offer of your thoughts and your prayers
Sickly saccharine sweet they should stick to your tongue
Their paper-thin promise of protection leaves the space between us

You think you present me with a gift of comfort
When what I need is for you to do and to stand
The gift you are giving is to yourself
As you swaddle yourself in impotent, ignorant inaction

Don't think to tell me of God's will
Where was God when the trigger clicked
When the bullets flew
When blood spilled?

God will not save us
Because God has already given
All that we need
To change the world

Our strength
Our voices
Our minds

How can you expect more bullets to solve this?
How can you expect the threat of death to deter?
Hyped on violence and sick twisted words
An attacker fears no pain

And one more life is one too many

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